Sixty Equestrian Center
5925 FM 1863
Bulverde, TX 78163-4009
Phone: 830-980-9573
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Sixty Equestrian Center
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What ages do you teach?
    Students are accepted as young as six and as old as forever young. However, there is a weight limitation of 190 pounds. Any physical limitations are evaluated on a student by student basis. This is a very physically demanding sport. We encourage all interested students and families to come meet us and watch us teach.

  • What can I expect to accomplish in the first lesson?
    Sixty Equestrian Center has many quality school horses. Expect to ride in the first lesson. You will learn to groom, to tack, and to prepare the horse for the lesson, as well as making him comfortable after the lesson is completed.

  • When do I get to a group lesson?
    Advancement into group settings will require competence in the above mentioned skills, along with the ability to steer, to stop, to walk and to trot the horse for 10 minutes without stopping. Group lessons are designed for each student's correct skill level. Changes are made as the student progresses or has setbacks. "Horsey Friends" are found in all groups. Students are encouraged to share learning, experiences, and love of horses.

  • What should I wear?
    Attire for the lessons are long pants (jeans or stretch pants work well), a comfortable shirt, and boots or athletic shoes (No Velcro Please). Helmets are always required while riding (Various sizes are available for new students to use free of charge). Long hair must be pulled back into a pony tail or braided. Because of the expense and safety requirements, do not buy any equipment or special clothing until a commitment has been made to this sport. We will guide you in respect to needs and purchases.

  • Do you have day camps?
    No. We believe horses are a life long passion and should be enjoyed forever. Once or twice a week lessons are safer and more productive for learning to ride.

  • Do you have trail ride or rent horses?
    No. We are a lesson facility only.

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